Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our First Outing Bennett Springs Mo May 1-2

May 1-2 Bennett Springs State Park....... outside of Lebanon. This was an adventure. We got stuck in a parking lot hardly big enough to get out of. I thought the Pod was going to fall off the road .,.... so big me (all 5 foot 2 130 pounds) tried pushing the Pod back on the road. It didn't fall off I was just ensuring that it didn't. We finally get to our site and it is a pull through. There was a man in a bus watching us set up. There must have been big neon signs blinking over our camper "NEWBIES COME AND SEE". The same man would also watch us tear down and give us tips!!! He should have sold tickets. Can't quite remember what we ate but we used the portable gas grill. The woman in the 5th wheel next door was foil cooking asparagas (I would look into this) Maybe just maybe I could cook like that. We seem to have become bigger list makers need this that or the other things. Don't forget to do this or that or the other thing. THOUGHT=this is lots of work for one night. Ran to Lebanon (15 miles) for breakfast with geocachers and got toilet cleaner. We use our toilet. We didn't really meet anyone at Bennett Springs but it was close to the house and a pleasant first time out. I am getting braver while pulling. Not as nervous. T highway still bothers me lots. Jeff is going to make flag poles like he saw and will do a great job with them. We were in Site #101, full hook up

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