Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Traveling Wish List

The Higgins Pod
Jeff & Felicia 

This is a working list of where we would like to go some day, one day:

  • Yosemite... and again in the spring (Mar Apr)
  • Mt Rushmore
  • Grand Canyon
  • New Orleans
  • New England in the fall
  • Graceland
  • Utah...... the Arches
  • Alaska
  • Bear Refuge in Montana
  • Niagara Falls Again
  • Oregon Coast
  • Turpentine Creek Big Cat Refuge (again and again)
  • Corpus Christi
  • Florida
  • Sand Dunes of Colorado (again)
  • Golden Gate bridge
  • Superstitious Mountain & Lost Dutchman State Park (from Diana... Life on the Open Road
If you have somewhere you would like to suggest...... Please leave a comment.

Safe Travels to you and yours!

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