Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Found this post and wanted to save it. Thought this was the appropriate place!


Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Pod has returned for the winter (I hope) There was a seal that was allowing the snow in. So we brought it to Camping World and they fixed it (still under warranty) It cost us the gas and wear and tear on Pod.
In the last few months I have found a few forums that I enjoy. and I have also looked around at I have been asking all kinds of questions and the people that frequent those forums have been great to answer me. I wondered about leaving the Pod pluggin in ....... well I got more than one lesson on converter and inverter. And still know NOTHING!..... So I decided I would ask at Camping World. No luck there. I actually found the converter and the service guy knew about as much as I did!!!..... I took pictures of it and DrFife from myrvtalk found out for me :) Yeah thanks to him.

We also decided it was time we weigh the Pod. Figured it would be a good thing to know. Again, the service guy from Camping World didn't know about the scale....... (think he was fibbing) but we figured it out. And the Pod weighs 6100 pounds. That is kind of empty............ so we will reweigh it when we are loaded for camping in April.

So we got it home........... put it up on wood and cinder blocks and put the tire covers on. Not coving it this year (warranty again) And we plan to use it and do some work in it over the winter. I like a bookcase i saw on one of the forums that was in the corner. IF I can find that I may attempt a shorter one. I want to move the glasses and put a dish rack in the cabinet. And really want 1/2 the booth out. Still looking at that. May get some storage bins for where the recliner was. I don't want anything above the window.

Right now the curtains are in the alteration shop being fixed. Can't wait to see them when they are done. Putting them in the bedroom too!!!

Another thing.............. have been in contact with Leonard & Sondra from St Louis and meeting them for lunch on the 27th when we go up. I am so excited about that!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Spoke with Camping World today. It seems there is a seal that has rolled and cracked on the emergency window. This will be fixed (under warranty) and there has been no other damage. We were concerned about water where we wouldn't have normally looked for it (behind couch) They have assured us that there was no water damage inside the POD. Pick up date to be determined.

My thoughts about winter time modifications..We come out of our 1 year warranty on 27 March SOOOOOOOOOO.................. We have already removed one of the recliners ... we found we weren't using it. Going to put some storage boxes there and then cover them with a tablecloth............. or even the cushion from the bench :) because I believe I am going to take out 1/2 of the booth. And get 2 chairs. The only thing we stored under there was extra tarps. IF we need that sleep area we can make a pallet on the floor :)
I am going to move the glasses to over the television. Then I am going to buy a dishrack (the kind that only hold dishes) and put it in the cabinet where the plates are. Right now I need a stepstool to get plates. I think this might be easier. We have an extra table top that Jeff is going to cut to fit over the stove ..... have that measured now if we could just get a bit of heat here. Also going to make a tray to use just one pole of the table. CONSIDERING bringing in a heavy duty extension cord through the hole where the power cord comes out. Not sure if I want to do that. Need to figure out the satellite.............. would like it in both rooms.

I like the idea of plexiglass in the screen doors......... and a screen door latch.

that is it for right now.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome Winter

12 December 2010

Last night we had our first storm of the season. Not much snow but it was windy and very cold. Got up this morning and when Jeff went outside this is what he saw:

Since I don't think snow is supposed to be between the window and the screen inside tomorrow I will call camping world. I do have an email prepared to send to them with these pictures attacted. I don't want to have to take it down there because when we got it ready for winter we just put things in the Pod............. not secured or anything. We did take one of the recliners out. We found we weren't using it. I am going to get some storage bins for the same area and cover them with a brown tablecloth.

On a different matter----- I have been playing with the cast iron lots. Pancakes with fruit--- french toast-- roast--- souffle's most everything has been good. I didn't like the cream cheese in the french toast will take that out the next time...... no more cereal for us!!!

Reservations have been made through June........... now working on July. Would like to attend the Dutch Oven Gathering in South Dakota. It happens to  be on our route and at the right time.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Camping World.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Our Season In Review

It is the end of November and the Pod is put up for the winter. Miss looking forward to the weekend to go camping. But I am making reservations already for next year. We have learned so much this year. From towing to cooking to sleeping to fire sitting ............. I don't know why I wanted the Pod in February. But when i mentioned it Jeff jumped at the idea. We didn't look but about 2 months. Found out what I didn't want and did want in a camper. No toilet next to my head. Wanted windows. I didn't even want a table. Jeff was insistent on that and we got a booth type table. That will probably come out once we go out of warranty. I dislike it immensely!!! (though I do like the storage) When we were first looking I wanted something small............ 17 foot :) Yea right. The Pod is a 27RLS Keystone Cougar with one slide. With the economy the way it is we did get a good deal on it. It was brand new when we pulled it off the lot. Jeff has been wonderful putting up with me. I wouldn't let him go over 50 on the highway on the first ride home. I made myself sick the last 5 miles. I cried backing him in to the driveway. Oh but we have learned since then. We have been out (not enough) some in both state parks and private parks. Have always had a full hook up except when we stayed at Jeff's brothers house. We've learned that you just can't buy a trailer and go. You need/want so much more. We have learned not to stay in an empty unkempt campgrounds! We have had a full grown Bengal Tiger (Tally-Ho) within feet from our trailer. We have learned NOT to hit armadillo's that are roadkill (they make such a mess) I have learned to cook on open fire and on coals. With both foil and dutch ovens. We have learned they put cheap mattress in RVs. We have learned to take EVERYTHING off of tables and counters before moving the POD. We have had a science project behind the toilet (it really started out as a tomato) We've learned to secure everything. We can put the awning down in 30 seconds when there is a storm racing in. We have learned to find satellite signal. Well kind of!  I hope that Jeff can someday learn to relax (he doesn't do that well). We have learned that working full time is very overrated............ except for the paycheck which at this point is very necessary. We have learned that we would like a 5th wheel and bigger truck and no bills!! We have had few problems this season ... getting into parking lots not meant for us (but we did manage to get out). Our galley tank was cracked (that took no less than 3 months to fix with 2 different trips to camping world. Our kitchen window is useless because when the door is open it is blocked and can't be opened. Keystone put a fire exit window over a stove................ still scratching my head over that one. I have learned that it is hard to find radio stations (with music you like) in a place you are not from. We have learned that there are remarkable people who share our hobbies of camping and kayaking. Remarkable good and bad. Some love to watch a show and I am sure we have given more than one that. I learned I don't like the shades in the Pod much and am in  the process of getting curtains hemmed for the living area (big) window and the bedroom window. I learned that I like to sit outside and watch a fire............. wake up in the morning and in flannel pants go outside and get the fire going again all by myself. From taking what seemed hours to set up we can now do it in less than 30 minutes (except when said tiger is right there) We break down Sunday after breakfast taking our time. We have learned to eat in the Pod cafe while traveling. I have learned to HATE public restrooms.  There have been firsts for this season and lots of them. We stopped at Wal-Mart  (I think everyone has to do that) this was after camping for 4 months. We got gas........... it took 6 months before I let Jeff do that. We went out of state for the first time with the Pod. I was very comfortable going from point A to point B with NO stops. Now it is ok to stop. I learned to drive the truck with the Pod tracking. I have learned to back Jeff up either in campgrounds or in the driveway---- without tears. We have learned that you can get discounts on gas at Flying J with their frequent flyer card -- and they also have dump stations. Some campgrounds will give discounts for Military, Retirees, Good Sam, Passport, AARP, Presidents Club. We have learned NOT to take extra chairs out for gatherings. Just one for me and one for Jeff and we SIT in them. (lesson learned -- 1 big man = 1 broken chair)
Needless to say we have had a wonderful season. We plan on going further next year for vacation. South Dakota and maybe even attending a Dutch Oven Gathering. (wonders will never cease)
The other thing that I learned was not everyone likes camping and really doesn't want to hear about it. Poor them........... they really should get out into the great outdoors.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

log date Nov 24 2010

So today we went to Camping World to pick up the Pod............. being told that it was ready last week. It was raining. But drove down. We saw the Pod in the parking lot and decided to check it before going in. The question we had going in was "What WAS done??" It hadn't been washed, the cover for the water faucet wasn't fixed, the handle was loose, the sewer hose was WIDE OPEN, the underbelly insulation wasn't resealed AND our battery was dead!! Second time that happened at Camping World. Not sure what they do to drain the battery but............. So I am a bit mad and am nicely told by Jeff to "behave......... don't be a bitch". Ok so we walked in and I went straight to service and asked Pat why my trailer wasn't ready???? He thought it was until we did a walk around with him. It took them almost 4 hours to completely fix the trailer. We now have a year warrenty on the galley tank. I was very glad to bring it home. Bought a new chair for the one that was broke at brother Jay's in October. I took the curtains from the big window to be hemmed to the right length and going to have curtains for the bedroom made. I like that better than the shades because when I wake up in the middle of the night I like to look outside. Leonard called me last week and we talked about trailers and camping for next year. It is so nice to have friends like that. He called again and we are camping with them (right next door) in May. I told him if he was good I would make a cobbler :) He did like that the last time. Also, last week I bought 2 small cast iron dishes that I am going to try to make breakfast in. I have found recipes for pancakes and one for peach french toast. Think I am going to trade the peaches for apples. As of right now we have 4 weekends of camping reserved and paid for. Each at different campgrounds. I don't want to keep going back to the same place. There is more to see (even in Missouri) but I will go back to Turpentine Creek next year. I LOVED it there. Know the site I want too!!! Hopefully Tally-Ho will be next to us. Until next time......................

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dutch Oven Breakfast

We have been having muffins, waffles and cereal while camping. I have decided that through the winter I would play a bit with the dutch oven. So this morning I got out the liners (makes clean up SIMPLE) and made a breakfast cassarole. It called for 8 pieces of bread. I only put 6 in and that was a bit much. I think I am going to line the bottom with bread next time. Then you put sausage (already cooked and crumbled) and pour eggs over the mixer. Add some cheese and cook. It was really good....... though too much for just the two of us. Will try again on another weekend. Going to look for individual dutch ovens.LOL that will be funny. Maybe Cracker Barrel or Bass Pro. Will keep us all informed :)

Friday, November 12, 2010


So the mattress in the Pod is a bit............. ok beyond a bit uncomfortable. We have put an egg crate thingy on it............ it did help a bit. We've been looking at the memory foam toppers. Today we were at Kohl's in Columbia and got a grat deal on a queen sized one. Regular price $409.00 and we walked out of the store with it for $127.00. It is a 4 inch topper encased in fabric. Can't wait to try it out.

Go US!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Nov 11, 2010

Proud of all my Veterans (my husband, sons, son in law and friends) because of them we can all still do what we want within the confines of the law. Or you accept the consequences. I am off work for the next 4 days. Should really get something accomplished but just relaxing today. Tomorrow we head to Columbia to bring a buffett to Christi.

Made more reservations today.......... going to Jellystone in Eureka for Earth Day. My guess is that this will be like a Disney Cruise. I will only do it once :) ................. I just wanted to do something different for Earth Day. Maybe we will go into St Louis and then again maybe we won't.

The weather is wonderful in the low 70's. We will pay for this sooner or later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yesterday I was on the phone with each of my kids. All grown they are.......... 30, 28 & 24. It's nice that we talk and they tell me they love me as an adult. We must have done something right raising them. Jeffrey is going through personal issues right now but will be fine, John started basic training (and on his birthday), Justyna is living across the pond in England. Boy I do miss each of them daily. I am very proud of all of them!!!! and today is Jeff's Birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

log date November 5-7

Officially started this blog...............

Also made our first reservations for next season. We are going to open on the first weekend of April (will probably need heat) 1-3. We will be going to our first Corps of Engineers campground at Shell Knob Missouri. Made reservations for May also at Pomme de Terre they are having the Rendevous. Not sure what this is BUT!!!!! Having trouble contacting Jellystone to make reservations for EarthDay weekend.

October 2010

On the 23rd we took the Pod to Camping World to be winterized and have the water issue fixed. As of today (7 Nov) it still isn't home. They have told me they finally found the problem with the galley tank. This was after I was told it was fixed and then to ensure it was they filled the tanks and then moved it and low and behold it had water coming out!!!!! It seems the electric seal was cracked and they will have to replace the entire tank. This is after they told us it was a corroded connection from the outside sink and then a rubber hose. We knew there was a big issue. OK so now I hope they have it winterized and they get it fixed fast so we can bring it home. I want to work on the curtains this winter. Not to mention I miss seeing it in the driveway and knowing that it is mine!!!!

We got the scooters. Jeff traded in his Sabre for 2 scooters. I love mine. It is small ............. doesn't go very fast but I don't have to work hard to ride it. I think we can take them camping most everywhere. We have been riding when the weather has allowed. I have a 49 CC and Jeff has a 125 CC.

He is great to have done that...................... :)

Oct 16th

Took the POD to Jay & Sandy's up in Peculair for the Annual Hayride. Got to show everyone the POD and had a great time seeing family. Didn't cook at all in the Pod. Johnny, Christi & John John stayed with us. This was the first time that we just had water and electric (we were in Jay's driveway) We can do this again. I didn't like backing in but was ok after. We now have a frequent flyer card for the Flying J Rest Stops (we get discount for dumping and gas) We found a different way to go up to Peculair and it was faster. One part of the road network bothered me a bit. Made a cobbler to share :). We brought our good chairs out and one got broke by a man. Will need to replace that! GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Was just an overnight trip. Maybe next year we will leave a day early.

Johnson Shut Ins & Elephant Rocks, Oct 2010

Oct 8-11 Johnson Shuts Ins...... beautiful this time of year. The campground is brand new. Being rebuilt after the dam broke. It is beautiful ... reminded me of England with traffic circles. We had been told by Camping World that the leak had been fix. It was NOT fixed. We woke up Saturday morning to a puddle under the Pod. Will contact Camping World again. This is NOT right. Something is wrong. Had to use the heater at night. We had bought dutch ovens for this trip and did great. The food was great ---meatload--salmon-- chicken & rice (between me and Jeff) OK OK I won't wash it with soap if he doesn't put water in it right away! Shared our first apple cobbler with Leonard, Sondra, Ron, Kate, Greg and someone. :) I don't feel so much like a newbie now. It is almost the closing of our first season................ one more trip to KC to Jays. Then we winterize--going to have Camping World do this for this year (since we are still under warranty)  :( This is the weekend we bought a meat thermometer. 

We saw a Montana today...5th wheel with the living room in the front of the trailer (over the truck) Loved the layout.

I pulled the Pod for the first time. on the interstate from Cuba to Buckhorn then up to the cemetary. That would be at least 50 miles on the interstate, one stop sign & one yield sign. Very proud of myself and I think Jeff was proud of me too!!!

We stopped in Cuba today and looked at scooters. I am 90% sure I want one.
Also bought the first holiday decorations for the Pod........ Halloween stuff!!!

We fire sat two nights with friends. We were at Site 218-- full hook up it was a nice site up on a small hill.

Turpentine Creek Ranch, Eureka Springs Arkansas Sept 10-12, 2010

Sept 10-12 Our furthest trip yet. And out of state too!!!!! We stopped and got gas for the first time with the Pod. Johnny, Christi, & John John came with us. We enjoyed having them. Cooking and cleaning for more than jeff and I wasn't much fun but I am glad they came.  :) The lions, tigers and bears and everything were friggin awesome. There was a full grown Siberian tiger no more than 40 feet from our bedroom window.. and Tally Ho woke us at 4 am each morning playing. The lions and tigers caroling at dusk was something to be heard. Feeding time was great too. this is somewhere we will come back to. We adopted a Cougar named Sheba (thought that appropriate). The Pod seems to have a leak. As we were leaving there was a trail of water.We dropped it at Camping World on the way home to be fixed. Which means we cleared it of all food, clothing and such that we used for the weekend. The galley tank seems to be leaking somehow. Oh , I hope nothing is really wrong with it. I love this Pod. We had the first site next to the cages with full-hook-up. I think our name should be on this site :)

Eminence Missouri, 19-23 July 2010

On Sunday July 18th, a microburst hit at home. Thank God the POD was attached to the truck. I had been napping and woke up. To the wind and a bit of rain. Opened the garage door.. it went up most of the way before the electic went out. The wind began to switch, the house began to twitch thank God the hitch didn't unhitch. The POD was twitching............. blocks under it flew out...... wait the stabilizers were on it. SCARY............ it lasted only seconds. No real damage except it scared the hell out of me.

19-23 July..... we kayaked and hiked and rested and zip lined the entire week. Went to bed early slept late. No cell service, no internet, but we did have TV. With a bit of trouble. This is where we had our first storm while staying it it. Not a good time but it was ok. A nice neighbor shuttled us to Alley Springs to float back to Circle B. That was nice. There are awesome people out there. We gave her a card. We carry cards with our name, email, facebook info on it. (I will put the blog address on next) We cooked lots of good things in foil or on the grill. We modified the way the lights hang on the awning by putying our lights on a PVC pipe ... it is easier to put them out and take them down.

After we got back we told Jay and Sandy.... Steve and Pat our schedule for the rest of the summer incase they wanted to camp with us. We were in Site #113, full hook up at Circle B

logdate June 2010

We didn't go out in June due to Chemical Week and work (won't stop me next year) We did go and recon the campground for our July vacation and found we needed to change. We were going to go to Eminence Canoe and Rental & Campground. they had free wi-fi. BUT were on the top of a hill that has a horrible turn to get into and then up a short steep rocky road. (I didn't want to hit the Pod with rocks) so we chose to go to Circle B. We visited Donna at Patti's and saw the inside of her 5th wheel. WOW I wanna go full time. I can do that. Well all except financially right now. Want to sell the house and go. I find it harder and harder to go back home and back to work each time we go out. I want to be able to go from here to there and there to there. Want to volunteer or work for my keep. Can  I do that??? Can Jeff do that?? I so want to try. Need to start thinking seriously. What would we have to do in order to just go. Oh yeah, we bought a 2500 to haul the Pod. It was stressing the Avalanche, which I now drive.

My dad passed away June 26th while we were in Springfield getting the windows tinted. Sometime maybe I will blog about that trip.

Bass' Resort Memorial Day 2010

This was the first time we stopped at Wal-Mart WITH the Pod. We got in early Friday afternoon. it wasn't very far from home. Down 44 to Cuba and head south. Packed the kayaks and the bikes we had bought. When we pulled in there was a security check point (we both liked that after Ava) there was also another Cougar in the parking lot. Though that was cool We did smores this time and I am beginning to love a fire outside. Will sit out there in my flannel pants and robe. I did some foil cooking. Swordfish and tuna. We met Pat & Deb from Vichy/St James. We exchanged info with them and hope to meet up with them sometime in the future. Here we definently have the SPOT communicator. Also had the unpleasant view of a beached whale peeing out in the open. Then she sat on a cooler and I thought she would break it. They were watching our TV. We had satellite then. We stayed until Tuesday morning. Most everyone left on Sunday and those that didn't left early Monday. We almost had the park to ourselves. Campsite 135, full hook up. It was good.

Ava Missouri, May 22-23

May 22-23 ok so we pack up and head down 44 then south on 5 highway across 60 and we are there....... Oh but this was horrifying. There wasn't anyone around except for a burned out (what I thought was a meth lab) trailer and a young couple. We called the number and the people said they would come and collect money. Just pick a site. Some guy came by and set his garbage on fire and left. Thinking satellite tv here. I was almost afraid to leave the Pod to go kayaking on the Beaver River with friends. But we did. Had fun on the river too. EXHAUSTED when we got back. This is also where I thought about a weapon. I am sure we picked up something this weekend for the Pod. Yes we got the clock with the therometer for outside that we can't make work. But it gave me a bedroom clock. On the way home we hit a dead armidillo. Oh my but that was a mess. We had to wash it when we got home. YUCK ........ and YUCK again. This is getting easier to do each time. Not as nervous pulling or backing Jeff up. Haven't a clue what site we were in but it was a full hook up.

Our First Outing Bennett Springs Mo May 1-2

May 1-2 Bennett Springs State Park....... outside of Lebanon. This was an adventure. We got stuck in a parking lot hardly big enough to get out of. I thought the Pod was going to fall off the road .,.... so big me (all 5 foot 2 130 pounds) tried pushing the Pod back on the road. It didn't fall off I was just ensuring that it didn't. We finally get to our site and it is a pull through. There was a man in a bus watching us set up. There must have been big neon signs blinking over our camper "NEWBIES COME AND SEE". The same man would also watch us tear down and give us tips!!! He should have sold tickets. Can't quite remember what we ate but we used the portable gas grill. The woman in the 5th wheel next door was foil cooking asparagas (I would look into this) Maybe just maybe I could cook like that. We seem to have become bigger list makers need this that or the other things. Don't forget to do this or that or the other thing. THOUGHT=this is lots of work for one night. Ran to Lebanon (15 miles) for breakfast with geocachers and got toilet cleaner. We use our toilet. We didn't really meet anyone at Bennett Springs but it was close to the house and a pleasant first time out. I am getting braver while pulling. Not as nervous. T highway still bothers me lots. Jeff is going to make flag poles like he saw and will do a great job with them. We were in Site #101, full hook up

Bringing it home.

Let me first explain "The Pod" it is a 27RLS Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer. This was my idea but Jeff was all over it when it came up in converstation. Took possession of the "Pod" on March 27th, 2010. Not exactly sure what we were thinking. The day we brought it home it was raining........... Not horribly bad but raining all the same. Thank God there was a convoy of military vehicles on the road. Poor Jeff didn't go over 45 the entire trip. We are about 80 miles from Camping World (I made myself sick just thinking about going the last 5 miles up T Highway) The amount of time of 44 was EASY........ I dreaded the 5 miles up T. Home........... Now to back him up down the driveway. Mind you, in the rain. I was in tears by the time we got it in the driveway. Not sure how I would ever go back out  with it. Because it meant going back down T highway. We bought "things" pots, pans. dishes, glasses, silverware, towels, bedding, decorations, fans, flowers,tablecloths (not that red and white checked one either) spices, soaps, air fresheners, games (do we even play games?) and an tv for the bedroom. Outside stuff............. Chairs (that was all I thought I would need) and lights. The lights match the interior.. very fallish, rugs, clocks................ and LOL but I believe we were all set................... Little did I know.