Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being Where I Am Retreat 19-20 March 2011

We (Peggy, Michaelle & Jaimie) left Waynesville about 2:15 and headed southwest toward Springdale Arkansas (just north of Fayetteville).I drove they rode :).......... Food was a main topic during the ride. I knew I was going to blow my diet all weekend. Well I started it off right -- we ate at Shogun for dinner Friday night. Only had a few bites of rice and Japanese noodles. Ate mostly steak, scallops and vegetables. Had a few bites of Jaimie's sushi. Everything was wonderful. Left there and headed to Target to walk dinner off a bit. We all ate too much.

Something didn't agree with Jaimie at dinner and she paid for it most of the night. I so hoped she would be ok in the morning. When we all woke up Jaimie was feeling good. We had breakfast (cheated with 1/4 of a waffle) then we all went back to the room. The hotel seemed brand new. There was a building across the street with a water wheel.

Everything that follows came out of my journal. Want to share my entire experience. We are off on an adventure to Wattle Hollow Retreat Center. A weekend of meditation, yoga and silence. There were 17 people attending. Joy to lead us through meditation and Mark to lead us through yoga. Mark owns Dripping Springs Farm near Berryville, Arkansas.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Check Up

So we the tire covers off, uncovered the hitch (had it covered all winter) made sure that everything was secured inside (took those little things down as Donna suggested unless I had them secured top and bottom -- still working on that). Backed up the truck and connected the hitch for the first time in 2011!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Major Pod Mod

Well we did it!!

There were very few things I didn't like about the Pod after we bought it. One was the emergency window over the stove (seems kind of silly when there is a door less than 5 feet away and I wouldn't have to climb over a propane stove) and the booth dinette. I can't do a thing about the window or I would void most every warranty but the booth well...... I've talked to Jeff about taking half of it out. He wasn't so keen on the idea but last night there was a posting at about it! Only this time it looked like our Pod. I loved the chairs they put in. I knew that by doing this I would lose some premium storage space. Though I have to admit that whatever was stored under here wasn't used much because we had to get on the floor and go into the storage space. Also, we would lose sleeping for 2. That can be fixed with an air mattress on the floor. Decided on errands today to just look for chairs. Nothing at Wal-Mart. When we went into Lowe's we found a Vornado Heater (which from what I read is a wonderful space heater for the Pod). (Still no chairs) It was on clearance and we had a $20.00 credit. Plus a 10% discount. So we got that along with PVC elbows for a replacement flagpole.

Then we went to the PX Furniture Store and found the PERFECT chairs!!! They were on sale! We found what we thought were perfect chairs. We even thought the wood would match!