Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Bass Resort 2-5 Sep

Turpentine Creek 12-14 Aug 11

Meremac State Park 16-18 Sep 11

NRO, Lebanon, MO 5-7 August 11

We made reservations in March to camp with friends/family. We had an RV site reserved. the site was a bit of gravel no wider than the tires on the Pod. Just water and electricity. The water leaked out of the source terribly. We could sit on the steps and spit on the rig next door. VERY VERY Close!!! There was a trailer that had seen better days a few lifetimes ago that offered to trade with me. Believe me, I didn't have to think about that!!! Got all set up to include television. (getting so much better at that). This is a party place. Our neighbor came over and aid oh if our music is too loud let us know. OK rocket scientist if you have to ask if it is too loud.............. then it probably is!!!! oh with getting everything set for the weekend. I turned on the air and put my music on........... ahhhhh so much better! Friday night we had food I had brought from home. I have started bringing an easy dinner for the first day. Sometimes we don't really have the time or energy for a "cooked" meal. Saturday morning we ran into Lebanon for a few things and had breakfast a Shoneys.... not worth the price there. We FINALLY got on the river about 10:15. This was a late start for us.... we are usually on the river by 8 a.m.. The moon was not full but you couldn't tell by the people on the river. fighting, bickering and carrying on. We didn't see any Conservation Agents or Water Patrol. We floated with everyone until we stopped for lunch (we build a fire and roast hot dogs) ...... lost them ....... so we floated with people along the way. Got off the river and back to the Pod. We cleaned up and I thought.......... yes time for nap. That was until the Sheriff's department showed up next door. And there were 4 of them. AC was on so I don't know what was going on but there were people going from that trailer. Sheriff Patrols were all over the campground. Saturday night we had meatloaf and potatoes!! Then I made a carmel apple cobbler and shared with everyone we floated with. The cobbler was terrific. We didn't take many pictures at all this weekend. Again........ was it the moon phase???