Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Our Season In Review

It is the end of November and the Pod is put up for the winter. Miss looking forward to the weekend to go camping. But I am making reservations already for next year. We have learned so much this year. From towing to cooking to sleeping to fire sitting ............. I don't know why I wanted the Pod in February. But when i mentioned it Jeff jumped at the idea. We didn't look but about 2 months. Found out what I didn't want and did want in a camper. No toilet next to my head. Wanted windows. I didn't even want a table. Jeff was insistent on that and we got a booth type table. That will probably come out once we go out of warranty. I dislike it immensely!!! (though I do like the storage) When we were first looking I wanted something small............ 17 foot :) Yea right. The Pod is a 27RLS Keystone Cougar with one slide. With the economy the way it is we did get a good deal on it. It was brand new when we pulled it off the lot. Jeff has been wonderful putting up with me. I wouldn't let him go over 50 on the highway on the first ride home. I made myself sick the last 5 miles. I cried backing him in to the driveway. Oh but we have learned since then. We have been out (not enough) some in both state parks and private parks. Have always had a full hook up except when we stayed at Jeff's brothers house. We've learned that you just can't buy a trailer and go. You need/want so much more. We have learned not to stay in an empty unkempt campgrounds! We have had a full grown Bengal Tiger (Tally-Ho) within feet from our trailer. We have learned NOT to hit armadillo's that are roadkill (they make such a mess) I have learned to cook on open fire and on coals. With both foil and dutch ovens. We have learned they put cheap mattress in RVs. We have learned to take EVERYTHING off of tables and counters before moving the POD. We have had a science project behind the toilet (it really started out as a tomato) We've learned to secure everything. We can put the awning down in 30 seconds when there is a storm racing in. We have learned to find satellite signal. Well kind of!  I hope that Jeff can someday learn to relax (he doesn't do that well). We have learned that working full time is very overrated............ except for the paycheck which at this point is very necessary. We have learned that we would like a 5th wheel and bigger truck and no bills!! We have had few problems this season ... getting into parking lots not meant for us (but we did manage to get out). Our galley tank was cracked (that took no less than 3 months to fix with 2 different trips to camping world. Our kitchen window is useless because when the door is open it is blocked and can't be opened. Keystone put a fire exit window over a stove................ still scratching my head over that one. I have learned that it is hard to find radio stations (with music you like) in a place you are not from. We have learned that there are remarkable people who share our hobbies of camping and kayaking. Remarkable good and bad. Some love to watch a show and I am sure we have given more than one that. I learned I don't like the shades in the Pod much and am in  the process of getting curtains hemmed for the living area (big) window and the bedroom window. I learned that I like to sit outside and watch a fire............. wake up in the morning and in flannel pants go outside and get the fire going again all by myself. From taking what seemed hours to set up we can now do it in less than 30 minutes (except when said tiger is right there) We break down Sunday after breakfast taking our time. We have learned to eat in the Pod cafe while traveling. I have learned to HATE public restrooms.  There have been firsts for this season and lots of them. We stopped at Wal-Mart  (I think everyone has to do that) this was after camping for 4 months. We got gas........... it took 6 months before I let Jeff do that. We went out of state for the first time with the Pod. I was very comfortable going from point A to point B with NO stops. Now it is ok to stop. I learned to drive the truck with the Pod tracking. I have learned to back Jeff up either in campgrounds or in the driveway---- without tears. We have learned that you can get discounts on gas at Flying J with their frequent flyer card -- and they also have dump stations. Some campgrounds will give discounts for Military, Retirees, Good Sam, Passport, AARP, Presidents Club. We have learned NOT to take extra chairs out for gatherings. Just one for me and one for Jeff and we SIT in them. (lesson learned -- 1 big man = 1 broken chair)
Needless to say we have had a wonderful season. We plan on going further next year for vacation. South Dakota and maybe even attending a Dutch Oven Gathering. (wonders will never cease)
The other thing that I learned was not everyone likes camping and really doesn't want to hear about it. Poor them........... they really should get out into the great outdoors.


  1. Looking forward to your adventures through Photos and Posts. Happy Adventures Sis !!!
    P.S. Jealous over the gas pricing (lol)

  2. Suzi said; sounds like us on our first year. If you have watched the movie RV. That was us in a 5th wheel. Scared people in the campground. But it was so much fun.....