Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Johnson Shut Ins & Elephant Rocks, Oct 2010

Oct 8-11 Johnson Shuts Ins...... beautiful this time of year. The campground is brand new. Being rebuilt after the dam broke. It is beautiful ... reminded me of England with traffic circles. We had been told by Camping World that the leak had been fix. It was NOT fixed. We woke up Saturday morning to a puddle under the Pod. Will contact Camping World again. This is NOT right. Something is wrong. Had to use the heater at night. We had bought dutch ovens for this trip and did great. The food was great ---meatload--salmon-- chicken & rice (between me and Jeff) OK OK I won't wash it with soap if he doesn't put water in it right away! Shared our first apple cobbler with Leonard, Sondra, Ron, Kate, Greg and someone. :) I don't feel so much like a newbie now. It is almost the closing of our first season................ one more trip to KC to Jays. Then we winterize--going to have Camping World do this for this year (since we are still under warranty)  :( This is the weekend we bought a meat thermometer. 

We saw a Montana today...5th wheel with the living room in the front of the trailer (over the truck) Loved the layout.

I pulled the Pod for the first time. on the interstate from Cuba to Buckhorn then up to the cemetary. That would be at least 50 miles on the interstate, one stop sign & one yield sign. Very proud of myself and I think Jeff was proud of me too!!!

We stopped in Cuba today and looked at scooters. I am 90% sure I want one.
Also bought the first holiday decorations for the Pod........ Halloween stuff!!!

We fire sat two nights with friends. We were at Site 218-- full hook up it was a nice site up on a small hill.

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