Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Carlyle Lake COE IL 10-13 June 2011

This is being written a few weeks later. Life keeps catching me. Not to mention WORK!!! Anyway about our anniversary weekend. We were meeting our friends Leonard & Sondra for the weekend. We packed the Pod on Thursday night and hauled it to work on Friday. Getting used to it being out there. Not such a pull. I got off work at regular time but Jeff didn't. I made dinner for the road, changed my clothes, talked to Leonard who had gotten our site all ready by moving the picnic table. And told me which exit to get off of. (Easier than the way GPS'er would bring us) And then he said he would walk me right in. I had been looking forward to camping at Carlyle Lake (had heard much about it). While talk to Sondra on the way there leonard nicely let us know to fill up in Missouri. We were thankful because with gas near $4.00 a gallon 25 cents cheaper by the gallon in Missouri was wonderful. Who would have thought we liked gas at $3.80??? Then we had to get through St Louis. Here is where Leonard was giving me lessons in lane numbers. We drove through Lebanon, Illinois. 
Leonard & Sondra
  Didn't look much different than Lebanon, Missouri. this would be the first night that we spent in Illinois in the Pod. Finally got to the campground. Full hookups that were NOT uphill!!! We were racing the sunlight. (This does not work well when you are headed east) and got there just as the sun set. But Leonard and Sondra helped. I backed Jeff right in (do have to say i am getting better at that all the time) ....................... Saturday we spent finishing setting up and did a run to Wal-Mart. We had lost a bumper cap and a section of sewer hose. I am trying to imagine going down the road following a travel trailer and this happening. We were just glad that we didn't need 2 section of hose. Can't get satillite. think the LMB on the dish is bad. We were able to get Leonard and Sondra's within seconds!!!! We did hook up to theirs so I know now that I can have satillite in both the living area and the bedroom!!! WOOHOO!!!! Sondra and Leonard knew it was our Anniversary weekend and so on Saturday afternoon brounght us this grand old Griswold cast iron pan and griddle!!!! I was so very excited!!!!  

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning!! isn't it pretty????
Then we worked on some mods for the POD............ The door handle so we don't have to open the white plastic door thingy (how is that for technical terms) and the refrigerator vents so we don't have any unwanted guests such as wasps or bugs or or or mices!!!
 You can buy a contraption for the door. But this was much cheaper.
We shared dinner on Saturday Night. Sunday we went for a ride around Carlyle Lake. Big....... and most of the campgrounds were nice. We did see this travel trailer that had a tarp tied around it. Why I didn't get a picture I haven't a clue. But it was strange!!!! Shared dinner again on Sunday night and discussed a trip in September. We are going to pot luck with others who will be camping too!! Can't wait. Rv'ers -- Campers are the bestest!! Jeff wants to start goecaching again. Monday morning brought the "oh no it's time to pack up to go home" blues. Except Jeff was SICK.............. he had no energy .... Leonard helped a bit and Jeff did what he could to load up and we hit the road. Jeff took us to the interstate (I am not ready to drive on back roads yet) and then I drove. Took the wrong way and after I turned around I ended up on 64/40 west. Going through downtown St Louis. OMG I was so scared. God then decided that all the city traffic, wind by semi's, lane changes wasn't enough for me --- he started blowing the wind -- sending thunder and lightening and sheets of rain. There was a break in that so we stopped for gas............. Wonderful........ another first for me Jeff was telling me the whole time how great I was doing. Three hours later I got out of the drivers seat (at the end of our driveway) after driving in from St Louis and up our state (curvy and hilly) highway. I was very proud of myself though I could hardley walk and my fingers hurt from gripping the steering wheel. But I know that if needed, I can drive drive the truck ... hauling the Pod. We won't be camping again until August... it's off to England for us to see Justyna and kids.
You can see the rest of the pictures from the weekend. good bad and indifferent at my facebook page:
Til next travels to you and you and even you!

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