Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacation July 2011 Traveling Home

It's time............ We explained to the kids Thursday night that we would wake them in the middle of the night to take us to the bus station. We decided to catch the 4:45 a.m. bus. Our flight wasn't until noon but we were going on a space available status. So, we figured if we couldn't catch the first bus there was still a chance with the second at 7:00. We didn't have any trouble getting on the first. The alarm went off at 3:00. I was already awake. I took a picture out the window because dawn was breaking. Jeff and I both got ready.......... Keys and Jake woke up and came down. I woke Justyna (and she hates mornings) about 4:00. Jeremiah wasn't feeling well. and Alli was just like a rag doll. We said our see-ya's at the bus stop and got on the bus.... heading back to Heathrow....... need to sleep but can't. Once at Heathrow we checked bags and got boarding passes for Chicago but not for St Louis. We had a good breakfast and walked around for a bit. We boarded the plane and off we went............ heading west. By the little map thing we were headed northwest over Greenland then headed over Canada to Chicago. There was clouds off and on over the Atlantic and over Greenland. Not that you can see much from 35000 feet. But the clouds cleared over the  Canadian coastline. It looked beautiful and rugged and I could just imagine Polar bears running across the land. Landed in Chicago on time. My Iphone was again a phone. I was pleased. Charged it for a bit and listened to voicemail. One was from work from the 13th. Nothing I could do 10 days later. Will send email on Monday. Another was from our friends Leonard and Sondra welcoming us home!! how awesome is that? I called my sister and Justyna to let them know we had arrived safely! And talked to my sister a few more times while in Chicago.  Delayed 90 minutes in Chicago. Had time (Going to board the plane in Chicago they took my carry on (had medicine and jewelry in it) because suddenly it was too big!!! OKOKand lots of it) to have a Chicago Hot Dog. It was awesome. I can pick it up in the jetway after we land.......................... "Ladies and Gentlemen--if we stowed your carry-on you will now need to pick it up at baggage claim" WONDERFUL!!!! Still have to get boarding passes for Cape Air. So we part I go for the boarding passes and Jeff goes for the carry on. I find the Cape Air Counter and the lady will not give me a boarding pass because I don't have all my carry on's with me (not to mention Jeff) and she needs to weigh them. OK--mind you I don't even know at that point just how long I had been traveling but I was DONE!!! So, Jeff and I find each other and go back to the lady who at that point is suggesting I apologize. I walked away. Jeff dealt with her. THEN -- I realized that the truck keys were in the luggage. WONDERFUL. Can't do a thing about it but pray that the luggage follows us to Fort Leonard Wood. Get on the last plane-- a 10 seat Cessna, which was awesome in the light of the day coming to St Louis just a few weeks before. But now scared me silly. I was so relieved to touch down at home. Luggage arrived on a second plane about 10 minutes later. We dug out the keys and came home.

And that, my friends, is it for our vacation in July 2011 to Lakenheath England!

here is a link for the pictures:

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