Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

River of Life Farm (ROFL) Campground Recon

When I originally made reservations for this campground River of Life in Dora Missouri

the owner asked if we had four wheel drive. I asked why and he said well we have this hill. And if your vehicle can't make it then we will hook your trailer to our tractor and move it for you. Well we decided to go and have a  look. So this morning after a breakfast of pancakes we were off to see. The GPS said 118 miles due south. The SPOT was on for those with the link.
We did get a message from our friend Jeff to watch for overhead obstacles!!! Thanks Jeff!

We encountered this cow first
It was waiting at the gate. Mad man in the red pickup pulled in and slammed poor truck into park. Cow kind of turned to look at him. Jeff is maneuvering the truck so the cow won't get back into road. Man throws open the gate and the cow runs through as if something is chasing it. Then the mad man from the red truck comes over and tells us it is one of DeBow's animals and somehow got across the river like the one a few weeks ago. OK OK .............. off we drove... Heading south Next we saw this eagle in the field. he took off before I could get him sitting. These pictures make me want a newer/better camera. A bald eagle in the wild is a breathtaking experience. Wish it was a better picture. 

He is sitting in the tree honestly.

So we continued south............. Took at left at the Crossroads Store.......... onto gravel......... We just had bunches of snowmelt and it was still dusty. Having a bit of reservations about hauling the pod down this gravel road. **Note: first reservations. It was beautiful country ..... Looks like a tornado or the ice storm of 2007 took out many many trees. Some were uprooted some just broke off at odd angles. But acres of trees. With many cattle surrounding them. No grass no power lines......... dirt and downed trees. Kind of spooky and sad.

Finally after about 2.5 of gravel (that will either be extremely dusty in May or a soupy dirty mess) miles we turned into the "driveway" and went up a gentle incline. Before heading down. At the top of the "hill" was whispering pines---which I am sure that would be beautiful to be in. But let me get back to the hill. There was a tractor strategically placed. I didn't like taking the truck alone down the hill that has a sharp left turn at the bottom.................. I sure am not liking the idea of a 7000 lb Pod pushing me down the hill. Parking was not rig friendly......... big or small. Across the field was the North Fork River. There were some kids playing in it. TOO COLD for me. The Whispering Pines and the River were the best part of the campground.
We drove over to the RV sites (no pictures) I was so disappointed. there were four sites. All back-in sites. Site three when you backed-in you were up against a propane tank. Site one you had the bath house out your door. Sites two and four were just on top of the others. There was no room to maneuver anything. There were no firepits. Not sure as close as you would be................ and the propane tank........ that a fire would be the best location.

This was funny. When we were coming up out of the valley our cells found a bit of service. Had to get out and take these pictures (please note the important numbers)


 This cow posed so pretty for a picture :)
I thought this was a beautiful tree. Even a bit broken the way it is.

What a beautiful sunbeam shining through the Forest!!! 

So needless to say, I will be cancelling the reservations at River of Life Farm Campground for Memorial Day. Now to do a bit more research!!!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing but agree with you in not staying there. Oh and by the way I did see the eagle sitting in the tree. Love Ya Sis