Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Major Pod Mod

Well we did it!!

There were very few things I didn't like about the Pod after we bought it. One was the emergency window over the stove (seems kind of silly when there is a door less than 5 feet away and I wouldn't have to climb over a propane stove) and the booth dinette. I can't do a thing about the window or I would void most every warranty but the booth well...... I've talked to Jeff about taking half of it out. He wasn't so keen on the idea but last night there was a posting at about it! Only this time it looked like our Pod. I loved the chairs they put in. I knew that by doing this I would lose some premium storage space. Though I have to admit that whatever was stored under here wasn't used much because we had to get on the floor and go into the storage space. Also, we would lose sleeping for 2. That can be fixed with an air mattress on the floor. Decided on errands today to just look for chairs. Nothing at Wal-Mart. When we went into Lowe's we found a Vornado Heater (which from what I read is a wonderful space heater for the Pod). (Still no chairs) It was on clearance and we had a $20.00 credit. Plus a 10% discount. So we got that along with PVC elbows for a replacement flagpole.

Then we went to the PX Furniture Store and found the PERFECT chairs!!! They were on sale! We found what we thought were perfect chairs. We even thought the wood would match!
So before lunch Jeff decides it is time. I go out so that I can take pictures and help :) Here are the before during and after pictures!

Our electric was on the side we weren't removing

Before we did anything

ut oh..... we really did it!!!!

Getting ready to remove

WOW this looks great!!! I am so glad that we did it!!!! and the chairs are almost a perfect match!!  Below is how everything will travel. It actually gave us room for the outside chairs in a good place.Just have to protect the wood. I LOVE IT!!!

And it seems I acquired a window seat :) There are storage boxes under what was the booth cushion. We were not using the chair that was here so we removed it. I decided more storage would be nice.
Jeff is working on this mod......... just a bit more counter space. I plan on attaching a spice rack and maybe a condiment tray. It won't be able to travel there though. 

Next Saturday the Pod goes to CW for it's coming out of warranty check. Not going to cost us anything for that. But we are going to have the propane tanks filled. April Fools Day is not far off and that will be our first weekend out.

Stay tuned for more adventures!!!


  1. The renovations are great and it seems you do have more room .. loving the window seat as well. Can't wait to see to see how Jeff finishes the renovations for counter space. Looking good !!

  2. Looking really good :) We just picked up out surveyor a few weeks ago and are looking forward to making it ours as well! You are doing a great job!