Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Check Up

So we the tire covers off, uncovered the hitch (had it covered all winter) made sure that everything was secured inside (took those little things down as Donna suggested unless I had them secured top and bottom -- still working on that). Backed up the truck and connected the hitch for the first time in 2011!!

On Saturday Morning we were taking the Pod to Camping world for the last "free" check up before it comes out of full warranty on the 27th. Imagine--it will be one year! Unbelievable. So Saturday morning we turn on the Spot and head out! The Spot is for friends and family to "track us" when we are traveling or on the rivers kayaking. Those will soon be coming down for trips down the river!!
We always stop to check our connections after a few miles. And we had the "Shadow Pod" I had to click this picture. There is a guy who I have geocached with that does shadow people. Now I look at shadow people and shadow things :)
Dropped the Pod in Strafford and headed for Springfield. (Wanted to get a bit of shopping done). Jeff finished the cover for the stove! I love it and he made it so that it travels there. I bought spice holders, utensil holder, fruit or veggie basket and a paper towel holder (I have a paper towel holder but whenever we get to a campground I have to re-roll the paper towels) I also want to buy a cover for the new stove countertop as it doesn't quite match the interior. Will keep looking for something!!
After lunch at Appleby's it was time to head back to Strafford. Right now the Pod doesn't have any warranty work at all. Everything check out great. They topped of the propane tanks..... and gave me some interior finish tape for the screw holes from where the booth was. Next week I go on a yoga/silent weekend retreat in Arkansas. And in two weeks..... we pack up and head out for our first adventure of the season. Table Rock Lake at the first Corps of Engineer Park with a side trip to Turpentine!!
I Can't wait!!!

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  1. Looking Good Sis .. Will be tracking you on your adventures .. Can't wait for the postings on where've you been and what you've seen. Love Ya!