Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grand Tour of the Pod

Welcome to the Grand Tour of our Pod. It happens to be a 27RLS foot Keystone Cougar X Lite. We purchased this unit in March of 2010. No many modifications to it. We are still trying to make it ours!! Enjoy!!! 
Up off the ground for the winter. Cinder blocks under the stablilizers and wood under the tires. Tires are also covered.
This is our rain spout (we have four-one on each corner). It keeps water from going right down the side of the trailer and making those nasty black lines. Forgot them one time and they didn't fall off while going down the highway at 65 MPH.

Shadow People................ in the melting snow.

A view from the door way 
Looking left to the back of the Pod 
Kind of out the small window (that is right next to the door. And our flags.  
Back of the trailer with the curtains!! Love the curtains. We took one of the rockers out because we were not using it. Got 2 storage boxes........ going to try to get a tablecloth to put on top.  
The kitchen. See the window over the sink/stove?? It is an emergency window. Useless with the door open. And truthfully.......... if there is a fire....... my butt is going OUT THE DOOR!!!!! instead of trying to climb over the PROPANE stove/oven and the sink. Silly keystone............ what were you thinking??? (this would be the only thing I don't like about the Pod) 
Freezer/Frige with Panty to the left. I put the little touch lights in the pantry (one of my mods) 
Sign hanging 
Another Sign 
 One more
My sister gave this to us. Hanging above fridge 
Dinette............. Our next will have table and chairs.  
These are our awning lights. Jeff put them on 1/2 PVC they are in 3 sections and oh so easy to put up and take down. Will have pictures of it all set up sometime this summer.  
Outside chairs patiently waiting. I bought a rocker for this year. Cant wait! 
Entertainment Center
 Shower and bathroom closet
Toilet and sink 
 Our mascot. Looking into bedroom. Not much changing room in there.
 Bedroom again, there is a door along that wall.
More curtains being made for this window.  

Our window vent covers.  
 Vent covers
 Wine glass charms. They decorate the Pod!

Our whirly things for outside.

Thanks for touring the Pod..................

1 comment:

  1. Love it...looks good! One word to the wise from one who has been there, done that. Things that hang tend to sway and bang unless they are secured top AND bottom. And that leaves marks....sigh....