Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

No pictures just the month of April 2011

Wow I have posted this month. We camped the first weekend and then I had an article published in a local newspaper. I had a birthday at the beginning of the month. It was much easier this year than last. But now the rest of the month has been crazy.

We took a Chuckwagon Cooking Class in Lebanon. It was a 3 week class all about Chuckwagons and Dutchoven cooking. Learned some and ate GREAT!!! there were a few recipes that were simple and I will try over and over. Though I have to say I love my 3 ingredient cobbler.

We had a conference at work April 5-10 that required entirely too many hours! But everything turned out great. Word of warning: You cannot make everyone happy.... no matter how hard you try!

I took a trip to Tampa for work (another conference 16-21 April) had a great time and this conference turned out great also. Again...................... not everyone was happy. I had dinner with Nancy at Charlies (steakhouse that I believe is a chain) and it was wonderful. Did a bit of shopping. It was nice not to have to drive an hour to Target or a Mall or even the airport.

On Tuesday, the 26th, my friend Peggy called me from Tulsa to tell me that her oldest child was dead. She lives next door to me and had been worried about him for a few days. She drove to Tulsa in the middle of the night and was able to gain  access to his house. Still awaiting results on cause. I didn't know the right words to say. I was in the truck driving to Tulsa within 90 minutes of her telling me. I didn't feel she needed to be alone at that point. We cleaned his house of all electronic equipment and returned home on Thursday.
I feel like I have been in the tunnel with the light shining............ only that light keeps being the westbound freight loaded with issues.

Oh the trailer........ yep another issue. When we camped the first weekend of April as we were driving out of the campsite we, AGAIN, were leaking water. Called camping world and Keystone (we are now out of warranty) and explained this was an ongoing issue. Keystone says they will honor warranty with this issue and to bring it to Camping World as soon as possible. So Jeff ran it down there on the 6th. They ATTEMPTED to get the same results that we are having and were not able to. They believe we are seeing water they just can't make it happen. Picked it back up on the 16th. We are going out Mothers Day weekend and I guess after we hook up I will have a video camera and a glass for a sample of the water.

Tired of this problem with the Pod. Right now we are so upside down that we can't do anything about it.
Looked at a few toy haulers yesterday.

We have had some flooding issues here in Missouri. If April Showers bring May Flowers then Missouri should be beautiful. My peony bush has bloomed and gone already. Snowball bushes look great. I am hoping that the weather will cooperate next week so that we can have a fire :) and RELAX~!

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  1. Such a hectic month for you. Next weekend should be relaxing and you can unwind from it all. Wish our gas prices looked like yours up top .. as of this morning our regular was $4.21 gallon :( Will not even tell you how much it cost to fill Toyota Rav & Subaru Outbackj Legacy Sedan within 2 days of each other but it had to be done. Believe spring has finally made it to the northeast. Sorry for Peggy's loss and the not knowing why. Your trip to Tampa was good in that you got to see Jeffrey & Katie. Of course the downside was I didn't get to talk with you all that much :( Looking forward to touring/camping with you this year .. keep those photos coming. Love Ya Sis