Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 20-22 Baxter COE Park -- Lampe, MO

Again the weather wasn't supposed to be good. So we decided against bringing the scooters or the yaks (Table Rock Lake is at flood stages). We were to meet our friends Leonard & Sondra for the weekend. We met them last year at Johnson Shut-Ins and have seen them a few times over the winter. We have planned 3 or 4 trips with them this season. We packed up the Pod on Thursday night and took it to work with us. It was easier this time to let it sit in the parking lot. We were able to leave about 3:30. We stopped at Marshfield and got gas and a snack from Wal-Mart.
When we got in we backed into the site (getting much better at that with the radios -- I even take my finger off the button sometimes) Jeff just stops if he can't see me in the mirrors! Not always possible and I let him know that.
Anyway, we just got all set up and it started pouring!! There was a family setting up tents........ so happy I had my Pod! They were going to be wet no matter what. Another campground with 5 or 6 sites occupied. Leonard and Sondra's new 5th wheel was there but they had gone to Springfield. They came home during the storm and we decided to see eachother on Saturday Morning. Jeff was up early...... me .. nope, I like to sleep in when i am in the Pod then I get mad that I miss sunrise!!!! (wants to have my cake and eat it too!)Shortly after I rolled out of bed Sondra was at the door. We were going to breakfast. After a quick cup of tea and a quicker shower we got in the truck. I thought it was right there.......... by the campground...... 30 minutes later we got to Billie Gails --off the diet (weekends are almost becoming diet free) Jeff and I shared a breakfast and still had food left. The pancakes were bigger than the plate............ and wonderful!!! If you are in the area -- look them up. It's an old gas station and very welcoming!! Oh yea...... they only take cash!!! We drove into Branson and shopped a bit. A cast iron griddle and a 5th wheel warming present. On the way back I found some highway signs for friends and then a metal hot air balloon that I couldn't resist climbing in.

Back at the campground we started dinner early so that it could simmer........ beanless chili and it was good, also made cornsticks and a peach cobbler. Had dinner with Leonard and Sondra. We hooked up a TV outside to the satilitte. We are getting better and better at that (knock on wood). While dinner was cooking we walked over to meet a couple that Leonard & Sondra had met. Oh my....... it was the couples first time out with their camper--matter of fact they had just picked up the camper from Camping World. Not sure they listened during the PDI.......... the trailer (30 foot travel trailer) was no where near level. The stabilizers were straight up and down........ no weight on the hitch...........  He didn't seem to concerned. I only hoped that he was able to hitch it back up and tow it out.

Went inside the camper about 7:00 p.m. to check for water and had NOT A DROP!!!! I was so glad!!! Sunday morning we got up and cleaned and packed. We were on the road by 1:00. Had to stop at Camping World to exchange a rocking chair that had broke.

The weather was supposed to be terrible but it turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

You can view the rest of the pictures from the weekend at:

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