Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 into 2011

Happy Holidays!!!!
Will never ever send "regular" mail to APO again. Always priority. It took 7 weeks for Justyna and family to get Christmas Presents. They did get them and are very happy!!  Got to see John this Christmas. His first as a Soldier. He wore his ACU's for us to see him in uniform :) ...... Am proud of him. Jeffrey is currently doing some reserve time in Italy (I could think of much worse places to be in January) We spent Christmas with Jeff's family & John, Christi & John John in Warrensburg....

Left the day after Christmas and stopped at the Wal-Mart in Sedalia (we always do) and bought landing lights (rope lights) for the Pod. Monday after Christmas we headed to St Louis for a mini vacation. Gas when we left was $2.69 and $2.79 3 days later. Anyway, we met Leonard & Sondra at Poor Richards in Fenton and had lunch. It was nice to see them. We have reservations to camp with them twice in 2011. Checked into the hotel room. Headed to the Fox Theater thinking we would eat at the Best SteakHouse. Well it was cafeteria style so we went over to Fox Diner. I had Birch Beer........... oh it was so good. Bottled in New Jersey!!! Then we went to see Cirque du Soleil Holidaze! We sat in the first row of the orchestra pit. Wonderful Show Wonderful Seats (even if I think they were a bit tooooo close). On Tuesday, we went to the exhibit "Bodies" it was so interesting to see the inside of a body that way. The most amazing thing was the man holding hands with himself (mirror image) but one side was muscle and the other bones. Had to make a stop at Dunkin Donuts while in St Louis. Then we went to Bacana (Brazilian Steakhouse) for dinner. It was wonderful!!! Time to come home on Wednesday.

New Years Eve...............We had the weirdest weather........... it was about 60 degrees with a cold front moving in. thunder and lightning and a F3 tornado on Fort Leonard Wood. Thankfully there were only injuries. And they were treated and released. I would say that 2010 went out with a roar!!!
Happy New Year to you!!!!!  We started 2011 off in the Pod. We took movies out and spent the night. The furace kept us warm. But that was night #1 for 2011. Can't wait til April.

We saw Leonard and Sondra again on Jan 2nd because they were headed to Lebanon to look at a truck which they bought. They have been looking at bigger RV's but needed something to tow it with.

Well--when we saw them on the 8th not only did they have the new truck but they had pictures of the fifth wheel they bought!!!! Yeah for Sondra and Leonard. We can't wait to see it!!!!

We are headed to the RV show in St Louis this weekend. Can't wait to see what is new and upcoming. Thanks to Leonard & Sondra we have free tickets. Hope to see them again. late lunch or early dinner. The weather looks like it will hold......... for now.

Winter is kind of quiet ............. not much going on......... once it starts to warm up I will start working on a few mods............ still unsure of removing 1/2 of the booth. I want to but................ resale value needs it there. Got the curtains............ really hope they work the way I want them to!

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