Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Pod has returned for the winter (I hope) There was a seal that was allowing the snow in. So we brought it to Camping World and they fixed it (still under warranty) It cost us the gas and wear and tear on Pod.
In the last few months I have found a few forums that I enjoy. and I have also looked around at I have been asking all kinds of questions and the people that frequent those forums have been great to answer me. I wondered about leaving the Pod pluggin in ....... well I got more than one lesson on converter and inverter. And still know NOTHING!..... So I decided I would ask at Camping World. No luck there. I actually found the converter and the service guy knew about as much as I did!!!..... I took pictures of it and DrFife from myrvtalk found out for me :) Yeah thanks to him.

We also decided it was time we weigh the Pod. Figured it would be a good thing to know. Again, the service guy from Camping World didn't know about the scale....... (think he was fibbing) but we figured it out. And the Pod weighs 6100 pounds. That is kind of empty............ so we will reweigh it when we are loaded for camping in April.

So we got it home........... put it up on wood and cinder blocks and put the tire covers on. Not coving it this year (warranty again) And we plan to use it and do some work in it over the winter. I like a bookcase i saw on one of the forums that was in the corner. IF I can find that I may attempt a shorter one. I want to move the glasses and put a dish rack in the cabinet. And really want 1/2 the booth out. Still looking at that. May get some storage bins for where the recliner was. I don't want anything above the window.

Right now the curtains are in the alteration shop being fixed. Can't wait to see them when they are done. Putting them in the bedroom too!!!

Another thing.............. have been in contact with Leonard & Sondra from St Louis and meeting them for lunch on the 27th when we go up. I am so excited about that!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!

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