Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Spoke with Camping World today. It seems there is a seal that has rolled and cracked on the emergency window. This will be fixed (under warranty) and there has been no other damage. We were concerned about water where we wouldn't have normally looked for it (behind couch) They have assured us that there was no water damage inside the POD. Pick up date to be determined.

My thoughts about winter time modifications..We come out of our 1 year warranty on 27 March SOOOOOOOOOO.................. We have already removed one of the recliners ... we found we weren't using it. Going to put some storage boxes there and then cover them with a tablecloth............. or even the cushion from the bench :) because I believe I am going to take out 1/2 of the booth. And get 2 chairs. The only thing we stored under there was extra tarps. IF we need that sleep area we can make a pallet on the floor :)
I am going to move the glasses to over the television. Then I am going to buy a dishrack (the kind that only hold dishes) and put it in the cabinet where the plates are. Right now I need a stepstool to get plates. I think this might be easier. We have an extra table top that Jeff is going to cut to fit over the stove ..... have that measured now if we could just get a bit of heat here. Also going to make a tray to use just one pole of the table. CONSIDERING bringing in a heavy duty extension cord through the hole where the power cord comes out. Not sure if I want to do that. Need to figure out the satellite.............. would like it in both rooms.

I like the idea of plexiglass in the screen doors......... and a screen door latch.

that is it for right now.

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