Truck being stalked by Cougar

Truck being stalked by Cougar
Truck Being Stalked by the Cougar

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Campbell Point COE at Shell Knob, Missouri 1-3 April 11

  I had what I thought was a brilliant idea! Pack the Pod on Thursday night and hook it up -- take it to work so we could leave straight from there. It has lights.......
this was the first we hauled it in the dark Well time wise it was a good idea but I didn't really have the patience to work. Jeff was able to get off work early so I did too! We left FLW about 3:00. Turned the SPOT on and away we went!  Took pictures of the small landslide on Polla Road. We passed the Bank of Billings and wondered -- how did we get to Montana and we'd never make work on Monday. We headed down to the campground. The last 20 miles were hard. Very hilly and curvy. Got to our site (76) about 6:00 or so. There were 4 or 5 others in the campground. After backing Jeff in, we figured out that the site was ass backwards.

 The water, sewer and electric had to come under the trailer to the middle of the front!!! No sitting in front of the trailer. Our table, lantern hook and fire pit were way up from the trailer......... and even the truck. We borrowed the next sites as there was no one there. Soooo we get all set up and flushed the lines... heated supper (cheated) put stuff away that we just packed in boxes for the winter. Hot water........ that took awhile to figure out but with a bit of help, we figured it out. Did dishes -- set the furnace at 60* and went to bed. Woke about 2:00 am to the sound of coyotes fighting over something........ They were so close!!! It was dark and quiet. What a wonderful night. I woke up early enough to see the sun finally coming over the hill across the lake. It was beautiful. Walked down to the shore in jamma's & robe. Then I took this picture out the door of the Pod!!
Had breakfast and started supper in the crock pot. That was the first I had used a crock pot in the Pod.... And so we headed off to Eureka Springs Arkansas. All day Donna, who blogs at ,was posting on FB about RV fires.... is this a sign???? There was a statue of a gorilla at a four way stop. Weird things that you see when you travel. Into Arkansas we go to my favorite place Turpentine Creek, , I needed to go to get some pictures for an article that I have written for a local newspaper.
The cats all had winter coats but since it was such a nice day (about 75*) they were laying in sunbeams, stretching, or catnapping! One was scratching his back. A bear was playing with a bowling ball. After leaving turpentine I made an appointment for a pedicure before lunch in Berryville. Needed to stop for gas. Jeff had to run in so ............ I got out to finish pumping the gas. And we were then locked out!!!! OMG... you have got to be kidding. Well luckily Jeff didn't listen when I told him we didn't need an Onstar plan and got a basic plan!! They had us unlocked and on our way within about 15 minutes!!! (must renew that plan) Thank you Jeff and Onstar! So we were off to Berryville........ got my pedicure and then we went out for my birthday lunch!!! OK -- no laughing we went to Sonic and had hot dogs!!! I had a Chicago and Jeff had a New York. New York has something over Chicago when it comes to pizza but not hot dogs!!! YUMMY!! We headed back to Shell Knob grabbing a few pictures here and there. Got to the top of the hill and was relieved to see the Pod all in one piece. Had supper -- which was wonderful and then took a walk. Grabbed a picture of the sunset. And started a fire (was trying a 1/2 cobbler recipe) -- A couple (Larry & Yvonne) came up to visit from below and we learned that he was retired AF and just the day before had retired from his second career and Yvonne had retired from civil service on 1 Apr. LUCKY them. We all celebrated with a crisp cobbler with ice cream. Their motto was "Be Patient" -- no matter what. Again set the furnace to *60 and went to bed. Missed Sundays sunrise by minutes. It was full in the sky when I walked down to the shore. Didn't start a fire because it was supposed to get very windy. We packed up and left about 10 to miss some of the wind. Windy it did get.............. Made it home and cleaned up the Pod............ it will sit in the driveway for a few weeks. Then we head back down to Turpentine for a volunteer weekend!!!
Our review for Campbell Point at Shell Knob, MO..... The newer part of the park with just water and electric are much better than the older part of the park. Water was coming out of the back of the Pod when we left. Calling CW tomorrow again! Not happy!

The rest of the weekends pictures are on my fb page at
Til the next time........................

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  1. Even with almost being in Billings, Montana, locking your keys in and water leak from your photos it looked like a beautiful place to be upon awakening. Thank you for sharing your birthday weekend with us. Love Ya Sis